Inspiring resources

Here’s a list of some my favourite Islamic websites. I’ve avoided adding the ones that come up straight away in a search engine – i figure that if you’ve found an obscure little blog like this one, you’ve already visited the mainstream sites.

Insha Allah, i’ll be updating this page as i go, so keep checking back.

The basics

Islam: “You Deserve to Know” – if you know absolutely nothing about Islam or just want to revisit the absolute basics, this single-page website will suffice.

Let Islam do the Talking – a dawah project run by some Australian brothers. It’s still new off the ground but has some very promising resources on it.




Wael Abdelgawad – he writes with immense compassion and humility. I have no words. One of my favourite writers ever.

Yasmin Mogahed – an international speaker and writer on Islamic topics, Sister Yasmin is a great favourite with all kinds of Muslims but especially young women. If you’re looking for relationship advice from an Islamic perspective, look no further.

Hamza Tzortzis – a fellow convert to Islam, Tzortzis’ work is a lot more scholarly/impersonal, but extremely articulate and thought-provoking. He is also a talented debater.

Mehdi Hasan – a British journalist, Mehdi specialises on both domestic and international politics but his Muslim faith often features in his writings. He writes mostly for left-wing publications such as The Guardian, The New Statesman and the UK’s Huffington Post. He’s also a captivating debater – see under Debates.




Dr Ingrid Mattson – i had the great honour of meeting Dr Ingrid this year and chatting for a few minutes. She is one of my favourite Islamic speakers and cannot be surpassed on her depth of knowledge.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi – a conservative American cleric, Shaykh Yasir is also a popular international speaker and writer. Naturally his stuff is very scholarly but always enlightening.

Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra – a British imam, Shaykh Ibrahim is often asked to appear on shows such as the Big Questions, Al Jazeera’s Head to Head and other current affairs programs. His website is full of great resources.

Abdal-Hakim Murad – another British imam, again with a breadth of knowledge that can make you dizzy. I find some of this shaykh’s works a little too scholarly for my tastes, but you can’t fault his intellect.

Dr Shabir Ally – i love Dr Shabir’s slow, reasoned style and eloquent speeches. He is also a great debater and inter-faith speaker.



Debates, lectures and videos

Al Jazeera’s Head to Head – although this show isn’t Islamic as such, it is hosted by Mehdi Hasan (see Writers/Poets above) so Islam comes up quite a bit. This is a great current-affairs show – i’d recommend to anyone who wants to brush up their knowledge on a number of the world’s most controversial subjects today.

The BIG Debatesalhamdulillah  for this resource! This independent project seeks to “build bridges between Western and Islamic thinkers”, via discussion and debating. I’m not giving away any more than that – you have to check it out!

Ummah Films –  Baba Ali is a comedian and entertainer, but if you’re new to Islam you’ll find his videos amazing learning tools. He’s definitely one of the funniest and creative Muslim brothers out there today; he also has a very inspiring conversion story.

The Deen Show – this Islamic talk show is an entertaining and eclectic resource, full of interviews and stories. Great for Muslims and not-yet-Muslims alike.

Halal Tube – think Youtube with a lot more purpose. This is a superb resource for lectures/khutbas, and covers a huge range of topics.


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