Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh, hi and thanks for checking my blog out (big smile).

My nickname’s Hobo, due to my love of leftovers and second-hand clothing. Those are the reasons i choose to believe, at least.

Since converting to Islam in late 2011 during high-school, i’ve been on a mission to understand and live by the tenets of my faith with depth and sincerity. Somewhere along the way i realised at least a few of my fellow 1.5 billion Muslims must be trying to do this too, so i decided to publish my experiences in the hope that someone – Muslim or not – benefits in the process.

When i’m not trying to understand WordPress’s slightly confusing Admin settings, you can probably find me practicing my Quran recitation, surfing the web’s great Islamic resources, exercising, laughing with/being laughed at by my friends and family, and somewhere in between, studying feverishly towards a conjoint university degree.

As always, any good from this site is from Allah; only the mistakes are my own.

Thank-you and jazak Allahu khair for visiting ❤

Sister Hobo


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